The Chicest Way to be Eco.

Tuesday Snacks was founded by Lorry Amieva Plasterer, Sara Weinshenk, and Richard Amieva in 2014 after Sara approached the Amieva's with the idea of starting a podcast. The trio began producing weekly episodes, putting to work Weinshenk's experience as a podcaster & comedian, Richard's experience as a composer/producer/programmer/recording engineer, and Plasterer's background in graphic design, fashion design & activism.

Plasterer graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Apparel Merchandising, Fashion Design, a certificate in Business, and a couple minors. After developing several lines, the issue of sustainability and human rights in garment production drove Plasterer away from fashion and into entertainment. Then the entertainment industry drove her into cannabis. Sara began stand-up comedy after graduating from Chapman with a degree in Communications, and the two met working on a food-based web series which came out every Tuesday. Staying true to their love of food and history with Tuesdays, the Tuesday Snacks name, and brand, was born.  

Hemp fabric has been used for garments and other industrial purposes for over 10,000 years, and has been one of the most important crops throughout all of human history. The word 'canvas' comes from 'cannabis.' Even the Constitution of the United States was drafted on hemp paper, however production of industrial hemp in the United States is still for the most part illegal. Why? That's a great question- but in the meantime, Tuesday Snacks is committed to using only the finest hemp and organic cotton fiber, and producing everything locally in downtown Los Angeles.


The Enlightened Way to Be Bold


Being bold doesn't mean you are the loudest person in the room. Rather, you are the one with the most to say, and not the one that spoke the most. We respect the person out there picketing as much as the person that protects the Earth through conscious consumerism. We acknowledge that each dollar we spend is a note of support for something, and against the alternatives. That's the Tuesday Snacks way- conscious consumerism and conscious production. We have the power to change the planet by changing the purchasing decisions that we make. What brands we buy, what products we buy, and where we buy them from. Paying attention to where our dollars are going is where change starts.

Tuesday Snacks couldn't be more proud of our garments. Each piece is hand made downtown, out of the best hemp and organic cotton fibers that we could source. The majority of our garments are gender neutral, and become staples in everyone's wardrobe. Wear Tuesday Snacks to work, on a date, to yoga, to a festival, to your couch... hemp's natural anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and odor-resistant properties will take you wherever you need to go. 

Save the Bees, Save the Planet

Hemp could save the planet, if we allowed it. Consider that 25% of ALL of the world's pesticides come from conventionally cultivated cotton. Hello neurotoxins, good bye bees. Good bye bees, good bye crops. And speaking of crops, hemp also uses around a quarter of the water and about half the land that water does. Hemp is a great fiber for paper as well, which is fantastic considering it takes hemp 100 days to produce as much fiber for paper as a forest will in 50-500 years. 

  • "Hemp is going to be the fiber of choice in both the home furnishings and fashion industries." - Calvin Klein, 1997


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